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2-Hour Design Challenge: Cannabis Pick-up App

 UI/UX Challenge – Cannabis App

User Story:

The consumer wants to purchase cannabis products from a dispensary of their choice, pick it up and pay at the dispensary using a mobile application. Enabling consumers to do this would increase the number of prospective consumers and potentially increase sales of marijuana.

The Task:

Part 1:

Using Sketch App, design lo-fi wireframes for following pages (including all of the features and functionality listed below):

1 – Product Page:

  • Brand

  • Product Name

  • Product Photo(s)

  • Rating

  • Favouriting

  • Category (i.e. Flower, Pre-rolled, Oil, Spray, Capsule, Edible)

  • Plant Type (i.e. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid)

  • Terpenes (i.e. Myrcene, Limonene)

  • CBD/THC Percentage

  • Product Description

  • Purchase Now (with quantity toggle)

2 – Location Search Page:

  • Search based on proximity to the user

  • View stores around them on map (with List view toggle)

  • View store information when selected on map (Store name, address, hours of operation)

Part 2:
Choose one wireframe and design the hi-fi UI for that page.

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