UX Designer




2019 - Diploma in User Experience Design - BrainStation, Toronto, ON

2017 - B.Sc Cognitive Systems (minor in Philosophy) — University of British Columbia

2018 - Intensive Program, Department of Continuing Education — New York Academy of Art

Ongoing Certificates - User Research, UI Design Patterns, User Experience —Interaction Design Foundation


Mind-wandering and the Field of Consciousness (in review)


Sketch, Invision, Principle,

Research & Strategy, Wireframing, User testing, Prototyping, UI & Motion Design

Arduino, Racket


Teaching Assistant - Seminar in Cognitive Systems, UBC

Teaching Assistant - Understanding and Designing Cognitive Systems, UBC

Teaching Assistant - Research Methods in Cognitive Systems, UBC

Freelance Photographer - LKLM Bicycles

Co-Pilot - Visual Cognition Laboratory

Intern - Community Care Access Center




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